Monday, October 1, 2012

diy {pennant}

I love pennants.
They're so simple, but they add so much to a room.
I've been getting tired of my old curtains so i was looking for something new.
I decided to make a pennant to hang in the window.
I started out by making a pattern.
It was about 5 1/2" by 4".
When I cut them out they weren't exactly perfect, so I just trimmed them down.
I cut out 20 of them.
Then I just sewed two of them together.
I figured it would be too hard to sew them with the patterns toward each other and then turn them right side out, so I just sewed them with the patters facing out.
I cut a strip of white fabric about an inch wide.
I folded it over the top of the pennant pieces and sewed it on.
I hate pinning things together so I just free handed it.
It turned out just fine.

I gave it a quick iron before I hung it up.

{Happy Monday!}

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