Monday, February 20, 2012

One shelf at a time

So a while ago I shared a post about two pennants I made. Well I finally got around to hanging one of them up. I decided to hang it on a shelf on my bookcase. I also added a frame with some art that I like in it. I think it turned out nice. I'm slowly decorating and redecorating to get it just how I like it. Just one shelf at a time.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Last Minute Valentines

I just wanted to share some of the last minute Valentines that I made. I love making Valentines. They give me an excuse to do some crafting. Anyway, I've just been experimenting with doilies, paper, ribbon and stickers. I like how they all turned out. Have a great Valentines Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines (Candy Cane Suckers)

I got together with my family to make Valentine crafts. We made some fun candy cane suckers. We had bought a whole bunch of mini candy canes at the after Christmas sales.

Materials/ Ingredients:
Mini Candy Canes
Cookie Sheets
Pam Cooking Spray
Chocolate Chips
Sucker Sticks

First of all you need to spray your cookie sheet with Pam Cooking Spray. This is very important so that the candy canes don't stick to the pan. Then take two mini candy canes and put them together so that they form a heart. Put a sucker stick up the middle and make sure it touches both candy canes. After you've filled up the tray, put it in the oven at 350 degrees for two minutes. Make sure that you don't leave them in any longer then this! After you take them out pinch the candy canes onto the stick quickly before they have a chance to cool down. After they cool down heat up 3/4 of a cup of chocolate chips in the microwave until melted. Pour the chocolate inbetween the candy canes. Before the chocolate dries you can decorate with some cute Valentine sprinkles. Make sure that you let the chocolate dry good before you move them off of the tray. Then you can put them in sucker bags or just enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day!